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Welcome to the Intermediate School for 2019! 

The Intermediate School Staff:

  • Ms Evans - 3/4E (Curriculum and Assessment Leader, Student Wellbeing Coordinator)
  • Miss Rezel - 3/4R 
  • Mr Myors – 3/4M 
Please feel free to come and speak to your child’s teacher or write a note in their planners if you have any questions or concerns. It is best to make an appointment to meet with the teacher through your child’s planner or call the office.

What’s Happening in Term 2, 2019?

In the Intermediate classes we are using our inquiry skills to delve into the world of “gaming”. We are posing questions such as  - What is a game? How do games work? Are games fair? How do you create a game?  The teachers and children are investigating what makes a game good, how to design games with a story that lead to different choices and outcomes depending on what the player may choose.  Ultimately, the children will make games – as board games and storyboarding to develop their prototype and then use this design to go on-line and make their game using different gaming software, which may include the use of  “Scratch”, “Hopscotch” or “Tynker”. 
We are also busily preparing for our Year 3-4 Camp to Arrabri Lodge in the Yarra Valley. This is a terrific adventure excursion and for many children their first time away from home without mum or dad. With our experienced staff and organised team of camp facilitators, the children do not have time to think about home as they complete activities on the flying fox, giant swing and orienteering. 

The Intermediate Team