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Welcome to the junior School for 2020! 

The junior School Staff:

  • Josie Byrne – 1/2A (Student Wellbeing Coordinator)
  • Lois Garrett/ Lisa Goodwin – 1/2C
  • Natalie Roberts/ Marita Hamalainen  - 1/2D
  • Kate Hardy - 1/2B

Please feel free to come and speak to your child’s teacher or write a note if you have any questions or concerns. It is best to make an appointment to meet with the teacher through class dojo or call the office.

What’s Happening in Term 1, 2020?

We welcome Kate Hardy, Marita Hamalainen and Lisa Goodwin to the Junior area this year. Our integrated inquiry unit this term is My Community. Using the five domains of the e5 instructional model (engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate) students investigate the community, culture and local places beyond their home and school environments. They identify important people, services and activities within the local community and describe the features of places at a local scale. Students collect data to create lists, tables and picture graphs about the make-up of their local community.

From: The Junior Team