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Welcome to the junior School for 2017! 

The junior School Staff:

  • Mrs Hamblin– 1AH (Literacy coach)
  • Mrs Garret – 1/2G (student learning Co-ordinator)
  • Miss Banihashmi – 1/2B 
  • Mrs Nelson – 2AN (Wellbeing and Discipline Co-ordinator)(PLT Co-ordinator)

Please feel free to come and speak to your child’s teacher or write a note if you have any questions or concerns. It is best to make an appointment to meet with the teacher through your child’s planner or call the office.

What’s Happening in Term 4, 2017?

Welcome to Term 4. This term is very busy and we start the term off with our swimming program. The children from Prep- 4 will all be swimming in term 4 so please make sure you speak with your child's teacher if you are wanting to know the time your child is swimming. The children will also be visiting Mont De Lancey to finish off the unit about "Then and Now", this excursion was booked for term 3 but due to the weather we had to postpone it. Our children will complete two science topics, cyber safety as well as a focus on Mathematics, Writing and English. This term we also host our "Celebration of Learning" night.  Mrs Garrett is on long service leave for part of the term and we welcome Mrs Barra back to the Junior area as her replacement. Mrs Barra previously taught a 1/2 grade in room 4.  We look forward to a busy but exciting term 4.

 The Junior Team