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The Department of Education and training place a high priority on the learning of another language and it is an integral part of the essential curriculum for all students. Learning a language develops a better understanding of one’s own language, thus improving literacy skills. It also assists and expands students’ thinking skills and teaches about other people in order to inspire trust in and respect for other cultures. Students entering the education system at this stage will find that having a second language will be an essential skill for entering the work force when it is their time to do so. Current research shows that it is important and of most benefit to begin languages as early as possible. The ability to have continuity through primary school and into secondary school can only improve the learning outcomes for students.

Mossgiel Park Primary School is pleased to be able to offer an Indonesian Language program for students in Years 1 to 6. Students have weekly lessons in Indonesian where they have the opportunity to develop their oral and written language skills and their cultural understanding through storytelling techniques, games, songs and role-plays and other authentic experiences where possible.