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Great opportunity for Miss Kate Wall


We are excited to share that our very own Miss Kate Wall (5/6K) has been asked to present at Monash University to faculty members of Education, current teachers and pre-service teachers in regards to our Comic Con Showcase the seniors held last year. She will also be talking about how she supports students in the classroom to write graphic novels and how they can engage reluctant writers.

Below is a short biography about our very own Miss Wall.

Kate has been teaching in South East Melbourne since 2006. Her experience includes teaching across the F-6 levels. Kate spent two years living and teaching in London, where she worked in several settings. This experience provided her with an opportunity to work within a different curriculum structure and education system. Her passions include teaching her students about the world around them, ICT and in particular, teaching Literacy. Empowering students to become accomplished and condent writers has been a major focus of her teaching, as is developing a love for reading in her students. Kate has trained as a Bastow Literacy Leader and is currently working with her school as part of the School Improvement Team to develop and
refine the teaching of Literacy across the school.