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School Council

What is a School Council?

School Council is a legally formed body that is given powers to set the key directions of the school. It is the major governing body and oversees the school’s operation.

Who is on School Council?

There are 3 categories of membership:

  • Parent members
  • DEECD employee members
  • Community members

School Council members are elected for a two year term.

What is the role of a School Council Member?

  • Parent members bring expertise and views to council on behalf of the whole school community
  • DEECD members bring educational expertise and views to council on behalf of the school community
  • Community representatives tend to bring individual expertise to assist council in specific decisions

Could I do the Job?

You need to be keen but you don’t need to be an expert. School Councils work best when they have people from a variety of different backgrounds. You need to be able to work in a team and you do need to be prepared to commit the time to attend meetings and to ensure the work of the council gets done.

Our School Council

Our School Council has 15 members; nine parent members, four elected DEECD employees, one community member and the School Principal who acts as the Executive Officer.

Our School Council members are: 

President: Rohan Mostert

Vice President: David Clarke

Members: Lynn Ordish, Lyn Pentland, Houth In, Kerri Wilkinson, Lee-Arne Watson, Kylie Smith, 

Joanne Fisher, Katherine Woskoboenko and Kate Wall.